Cotton Signature Carly can be ordered NOW

  1. I was at my local Coach store today asking about the cotton signature items coming out in May, specifically the Carly in chocolate, and was told by my SA that these items are currently at the DC and can be ordered now!

    The large Carly is $428.

    It will NOT be available in the medium Carly; only large and small.

    The other colors are green and a denim color, which is blue on blue, not blue on cream.

    I plan to order mine very soon because these bags (esp in chocolate) will sell out fast.
  2. Does anyone know what other styles will come in the cotton signature fabric?
  3. I think I saw the Ali.
  4. Are there pics of these bags anywhere??? They sound YUMMY!! :p
  5. Just in the store binder. If you get a chance just ask to see what's coming in May.
  6. GREAT! Thanks. I'll ask when I go buy my Scribble Ponytail Scarf!! :wlae:
  7. I want a chocolate one, but the large carly was too big on me. I guess i'll try the small. i wonder if the small is a demi style??

    I guess I have to break my BAN!! hee hee
  8. Yes, it is very small.
  9. Ugh ....crap!! Well I guess I better look at the book in the boutique and make a decision before they sell out. I really wanted a medium chocolate canvas Carly.
  10. I'm only 5'1" and I tried on the large today, it really wasn't that bad...
  11. Do you think this will be hard to keep clean????
  12. will it be wrong having two Carly's??
  13. Ha, I refer you to my signature....
  14. I am going to try to remember to scotchguard/waterproof mine.
  15. I love the new cotton signature - I think I'm going to order the slim flap next month.