Cotton Scarves

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  1. Does anyone know if Hermes is making the cotton scarves for SS '08? I saw a photo of one on another post and it was the Indian theme and was purchased in NYC. I was told by the Directrice of my Hermes store here in VA last year that they were discontinued. Does anyone know if they were discontinued just here in the US or worldwide? I will be in Europe in 3 weeks and have the opporutnity to shop at 6 Hermes stores. So the question is, should I try to find them here or in Europe?
    Thanks for any help.
  2. I saw lots at the H boutiques here in Switzerland. There was the multicolor Brides de Gala (similar to the small cashmere scarves) with various colorways. I've only seen them recently so they're probably for SS 2008.
  3. I think it might only be Bride de Gala that was produced for S/S 2008 {I haven't seen any other cotton scarves on show}.
  4. I have just purchased the multicolor brides de gala cotton scarf at Wall St. I saw at least three other ones, but I don't know the names.
  5. Yes, they're being made in a few styles. I picked up the mini Brides de Gala the last time I was at the store. The colorway I got was so interesting that I couldn't resist. They were loaded with the others. They also had plenty of the India-themed scarves as well.
  6. There are a number of new cotton scarves in the F/W 08 group. Some of them have a small charm on one corner. I've seen a few in my boutique, though I've never really looked at any of them close up.
  7. What sort of price are the cotton ones?
  8. My friend bought a cotton one with charm in Paris about a month ago.
  9. These are the Cotton Scarf (with Charm) designs which are part of the current SS2008 Collection: Chasse en Inde, Tennis, Mini Brides de Gala.
  10. double post, sorry!
  11. The cotton charms are $250 in the US. It's cringe worthy, but they are lovely. They almost make the chiffon pocket squares at $135 look like a screaming bargain. LOL

  12. Thanks everyone. I have the tennis and brides de gala already, but love the casse de India, espeically the colors. Great for summer here in hot and humid DC. Will get one tomorrow at Hermes here in the fake Vienna, VA.
  13. Makes a twilly look very cheap!!
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao: