Cotton Club vs. Cambon Question?

  1. I have a Cambon tote black w/black patent CC's. Do you think there is enough difference between the Cotton Club tote & Cambon tote for me to make the $2K purchase? I really love the Cotton Club especially after seeing it on Jill. If I didn't have the Cambon, I would so be getting this bag. I am on the fence on this and I don't want to end up with two similar type bags.
    I don't think the bowler is an option for me since I am not really feeling that style. TIA!
  2. I think they are different enough.First of all ..the leather is completely different....and i adore the zipper detail on it.I know everyone thinks they are similiar alot..But I do not.(PS-Im not a bowler type gal either..LOL..The tote is a fab bag!GO FOR IT!)
  3. I think they are different enough. The distressed metallic leather w/the chain handles make this tote stunning.
  4. I think they're different enough. If you already have the black Cambon maybe you could get the Cotton Club in another colour?
  5. or maybe in a different shape from your Cambon? :yes:
  6. Yes, the are different enough. The diagonal CC ligne is much more like the Cambon. Just get a CC different from your current bag and you'll be fine.
  7. I am in the minority here but I think they are very similar. Bucket shape, cc placement and diagonal detail are the same. Does have the vintage ligne leather, chain handles and zipper along the diagonal so obviously not identical. The Chanel reps are calling the ligne the reinterpretation of the Cambon linge (all the shapes are similar--bowler and even the reporter).
    JMHO though!
    Even though I think they are very similar, if you love the cotton club, go ahead and get it! But I agree with other, maybe get it in a color much different than your black Cambon.
  8. I already own a black cambon tote and have my name down for the cotton club in the silver color. I think they are different enough to justify the purchase. As others said...I wouldn't get the same color as your cambon.
  9. hmm, that was my problem as well! but because I am just starting a collection , i decided to turn down my silver cotton club tote. it looks soo cute though! I would say that if you are just looking to add extra pieces and not necessarily trying to build a collection of essentials, i would go for it!
    the link above has info about this tote on hold, in case you are looking for it!
  10. I agree.
  11. If I already had one of them, I wouldn't have a problem buying the other. I think they're different enough, and you can get a different color.
  12. i second that:yes:
  13. Thanks for all the advice ladies. I am still on the fence but may be swayed when I get called and can see it IRL. I really wanted a larger black tote for work however the white looks really gorgeous too!
  14. Bella...............i love this bag! was fortunate enough to snag one in that gorgeous denimey blue leather at the freestanding store in Palm Beach. For some odd reason, Saks does not have this bag in blue throughout the chain. NM does though. I think its different enough................
    the light silver is goreous....and will not go out of style....and goes with everything. its not a true silver, but has a metallic sheen to it and looks basically like ivory.
  15. I think they are very similar, yet the texture of the leather is different and these new ones have chain handles. I love the Cambon I love the Cotton Club line too!