Cotton Club Tote

  1. I saw a silver cotton club tote at my NM last week. This was the NM at Tysons Corner in VA. You should give them a call if you are interested.
  2. the nm in sf has the silver tote, a bowler and a pochette. be aware that some people have had problems with the straps breaking on the tote.
  3. thanks ladies for your help!
  4. beautiful bag. I had it in bronze but returned it b/c the straps broke.
  5. I am really thinking of getting one in bronze if i can hunt one down. i totally :heart: that bag and want it really bad, but gucci fan, if the straps break can you take it back to Chanel and get it fixed? I'm just wondering if something could be done, or will it just be broken and not fixable?
  6. A couple of members had the straps repaired by Chanel and they came back even better than the original.
  7. I'm always nervous when I use mine!
  8. when my friend bought this for me...he told me it was the last stock..but i dont know if it is now available again in any store though... what i know is that the patent CC logo is the one that has stock :push:
  9. I have the blue tote and have never had trouble with my straps breaking, but do know that if they break, they can be easily fixed by Chanel. It's a great bag and I love mine...Good luck with your decision!
  10. You can, but I just wanted a different style.
  11. Omgggg, i know this thread is old but I still want this bag in bronze so bad. Lol
  12. bloomingdales in chestnut hill still has one in the pearl white color. $1995