Cotton Club Tote or my first Balenciaga? :)

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  1. i have always wanted a cotton club tote and had a hard time finding one until i stumbled upon a metallic white cotton club tote :smile: it took some time before i decided to get it but when i was about to get it, i saw a balenciaga part time in sapphire with gshw... i fell in love with the color! now i am as confused as ever...

    i love Chanel... but i felt that the Balenciaga part time will be more durable than the cotton club? i am afraid that i will just be storing my cotton club bec of fear of destroying it :smile:

    Someone help me... :smile:

    (my husband who is beside now is not helping at all! :P he thinks that a bag is JUST a bag...)
  2. I would say go with balenciaga... I love both brand, but for daily use, white bag is not really practical.. if you can find the black or brown cotton club, I would say go for Chanel bag.. In this case, balenciaga .. the sapphire color is TDF.. believe me.. I owned one!
  3. I agree, unless you were comparing the white-ish cotton club to a white bbag, the bbag will be more durable. That said, if I were given the option between a black cotton club tote and a bbag, I might pick the cotton club tote because the leather is really gorgeous and durable and doesn't show wear or have metallic rub off problems in matte black. They are very very different styles though, so if you prefer one over the other, it's always worth the wait to not have buyer's remorse if you see the one you REALLY wanted show up down the road after you already made your purchase.
  4. I don't care fr balenciaga bags but I agree the leather will be much better for every day use.
  5. Balenciaga, definitely.
  6. Although I love Chanel ... that sapphire part-time giant SHW is a fabulous color, I'd have to say Balenciaga in this case!:yes: