Cotton Club Tote OR Medallion Tote?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have 2 Classic Flaps in Black and White (both in caviar with silver hardware). I am looking for a tote for work and regular wear, please help me choose between Medallion Tote (black with gold hardware) & Cotton Club Tote (black with silver hardware). I am quite petite (5ft, petite 0), my concern is Cotton Club Tote's size. Is it about the same size as Medallion Tote?

    Please share your thoughts and advises. Thank you. =)
  2. IIRC, the CC tote is bigger than the medallion. Both have zip closures but here's food for thought. There's word that the CC ligne isn't permanent so if you're worried about that, I'd say go for the tote. Love the leather!!! I have a pochette (after buying one for my mother)and have been using it every day since I got it.

    I do like the caviar leather too. I'm really no help but that's just my .02!:graucho:
  3. i prefer the medallion to the cc. i'm not a big fan of the outside zipper on the cc and I like caviar leather better.
  4. For me it would be the CC tote, because it's a shoulder bag. I believe the medallion tote is only hand held.
  5. I prefer the cotton club. The shoulder straps stay on better.
  6. Knowing u ...Id say the CC tote is too big for u.Personally its funkier and I like that better.I think the size of it would bother u
  7. My thoughts exactly. Go medallion.
  8. I actually think the CC tote is really pretty, and the little zipper adds a touch of whimsy (but I'm probably biased, since I have it in bronze)! :p My mom has the black medallion tote, and it's a gorgeous bag... if you are looking for something to fit over winter coats, etc. it might be a tight fit though, since the rolled handles don't have a large drop. However, if that isn't a factor, hmm... out of the two I would pick the Medallion tote for you, based on your height, etc (and I think it would make a fabulous work tote)! Good luck deciding, you can't go wrong choosing between two stunning bags! ;)
  9. that's a tough one,they are both sooo pretty and different, i'd get both...but since CC may be temporary, probably the CC for now
  10. Today I noticed some of the threading coming undone on the bottom corner of my CC tote.....uh oh. If the Medallion doesn't have threading then get it!
  11. ^^rutrow!! Are you going to get it repaired??
  12. love my cc tote, would highly recommend it. also think the medallion is a great choice too.....good luck!
  13. Medallion!
  14. I love the CC tote! I'm also 5' size 00/0 and i tried the bronze CC tote, it's sooo pretty. I had to help myself. I don't like the medallion tote at all because the opening is really narrow. I am now a tote girl and I recommend the CC tote. Plus, the CC ligne may not be relaunched or re-ordered because of high demand/short supply.. The medallion tote is too boring compared to the CC. The CC has that luxe look to it (esp the bronze!) I like the pearl (silver) and bronze best.

    CC tote has a larger carrying capacity than the medallion. And it gives you 2 options whether you like your bag top open or zipped up.

    Just to tell you, my opinion comes from someone who does NOT like the baby cabas or cabas bags or oversized bags in general. So the CC tote is a nicely sized large bag for someone who has the same height/size as you do. :smile:
  15. Medallion Tote...
    Its A Great Bag