Cotton club tote in Silver holding, someone gets it!!!

  1. Dear Friends:

    I am being offered the cotton club tote in Silver for $1995 but since I already have the bowler in the same color, so I am passing on it....

    It is currently under my hold til tomorrow, so you can call Karen at NM, tel: 973-912-0080 and tell her I am passing on this one again....

    Hope someone from the forum gets it...
  2. btw ~~ do u think that silver cotton club is hot???
    I got a silver cotton club too!! But, Im so afraid that it will go on sale at the end of this year!!
  3. Dear Miraco11:

    I LOVE my bowler!!! Although it is a light color, but I didn't care because this is the right time to use.

    I am NOT sure if this line will go on sale but I've heard that other ladies mentioned some items are going to take the price hike again???

    Another reason I am turning this one down is recently I am on 'HERMES high' so....
  4. There is absolutely NO way that the CC tote will go on sale. The bag is in too high of a demand. If anything, it will probably increase in price.:yes:
  5. how does it look like? do u have a pic by any chance? thanks
  6. Dear Ms. Bonsai:

    You can go to CHANEL ref thread and look under the COTTON club subforum and other ladies have their pictures posted.

    It is still NOT sold as Karen just called me 10 min. ago and REMINDED me today is double point day, if I changed my mind...
  7. Dear Ms. CLK55girl:

    You are so right, I've just asked Karen and she say there is a "TALK" about a possible price increase SOON....

    GOSH, we just can't keep-up fast enough on these price hikes....
  8. Wow, I figured there would be a price hike, but I didn't think it would be in the works this soon. :push: :sweatdrop: I guess we should go out and scramble to get new bags before the next price hike.
  9. I just purchased that bag at Bergdorfs 48 hours looks much better IRL.
  10. Dear Ms. Coldplaylover:


    I was at the Newport NM today and saw the same bag in brwn and YES it is DIVINE!!!