cotton club reporter or cambon reporter

  1. Finally decided, my 2nd chanel this yr will be a black reporter bag. But which one, the cotton club or cambon? I think I have the answer, but I still need your opinion and support. After all it'll be my most expensive bag so far......
  2. I like the cotton club more..For me it is a better version of the cambon one:smile:
  3. They're both cute, but I like Cotton Club more too. I like the classic Chanel chain handles on the Cotton Club... and if you wear it over your shoulders, it'll stay in place better than the stiff handles of the Cambon. But the Cambon leather seems less fragile, so it would be more durable as an everyday bag.
  4. Cotton Club, for sure. I agree with sparklyprincess in that I like the classic Chanel chain handles. The Cotton club certainly is the Cambon... but 10x better!
  5. Cotton club hands down!
  6. The Cambon Reporter comes in two sizes - mini and medium/large. The CC Reporter is the size of the Cambon mini, which I feel is small if you like or have a need for a larger bag. I like both styles equally so for me the deciding factor would be the size issue.
  7. CC reporter CC reporter CC reporter -chants ad nauseum- for sure! it is SOOOOOO much nicer than the cambon reporter IMHO =)
  8. i love cambon but it seems overrated these days and i love the chicness of the cotton club so i vote CC :biggrin: !
  9. Cambon!
  10. i'm terribly sorry i can not help you, love them both, can't decide....:push: :shrugs:
    good luck though and you know i'll love it whichever you get! ha!:roflmfao:
  11. I will go for the cc:yahoo: What so unique about the black cc reporter is...I can't find them anywhere in US and it'll have been 'imported' to me from outside of the country. Feeling great carrying something no one else does...;) :p :roflmfao:
  12. I love them both also so not much help, sorry!
  13. I'd pick the CC reporter too! Love the chains! Although I do like the black Cambon reporter with white CCs contrasting.

    I guess I'm confused cuz I saw a picture that showed two different sizes of the CC reporter?
  14. i like the chains of the cotton club but i also like the shocking pink interior of the black cambon! lol sorry im of no help! :shame:
  15. i like the cambon line better for the reporter, i actually just tried both on in the store yesterday, and love the blk/blk patent cambon reporter