Cotton Club pouchette - too young for me?

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  1. I recently purchased this bronze bag (pic borrowed from Reference Library) and I was wondering it's too young for me. I'm 28 and I think it's great for going out, but it's definitely too small for day use. It's really cute, but I wonder if I will "outgrow" it in a few years. It was $795 (great deal for Chanel these days), but I wonder if the money is better put towards a larger, more classic bag that I could wear forever. Please let me know what you guys think - thanks!

    chanel bronze pochette1.jpg
  2. I think its a beautiful bag and nice for the evening, but other than that it would be too small for me
  3. not at all i think this bag is absolutely adorable! and suitable for any age
  4. Id wear it!and Im almost 38!LOL!its adorable!
  5. Nothing about it makes it too young. Its a nice looking bag.
  6. This is a nice going out bag and I don't think it is too young for you!

    As to whether it may go out of fashion, design comes and goes. It may become a very valuable vintage piece! Who knows? Stop thinking about this sort of things and enjoy your bag!!
  7. im 22 and i would save up for something bigger. but the bag is still nice..
    if i had the choice..i would buy the timeless clutch instead..since 7-8 hundred inst too far away from 1300.
  8. I have two timeless clutches already (black lambskin and white caviar), but I love the bronze of the pouchette - I would use it in place of a gold purse and it's not as flashy as gold, which I like.
    I have been saving up for a GST or a classic flap actually, but I just couldn't resist the pouchette! :smile:
  9. I don't think it is young looking. The color is great and it can get a lot of use on days when you don't need to bring a lot out.
  10. I definitely do not think this is too "young" for you -- the color definitely jazzes it up...i agree that it's great for going out, and a great gold-alternative.

    I say it's a keeper!:tup:
  11. Keep it. I'm a bit older than you and I have a few of them (different looks, but all Chanel pouchettes). I find that there are MANY times where I need something bigger than a wallet but not a full size bag; the pouchette is perfect! I use one, in fact, on a daily basis and just drop it into my diaper bag, large tote w/school stuff and sometimes just into my large Chanel tote. There are so many uses for it. Again, I would keep it. :tup:
  12. the bag is lovely, suitable for any age, but personally I would save up for a flap instead
  13. Not at all, the bag is GORGEOUS and Chanel is timeless. :heart:
  14. I agree with what all the ladies have said, that bag is beautiful and great for going out you are still very you have many years before you to worry about the bag looking to young on you!
  15. Another vote for keeper and no way do I think it's too young looking, even for someone like me who is older than dirt (well, almost). Enjoy!!