Cotton Club Pochette?

  1. Hey ladies! Popping over from the dangerous Hermes board for a quick question. Yesterday, I friend of mine called and said I HAD to get this cute new little Chanel pochette in bronze she'd seen in Lucky magazine. (Isn't that enabling at its finest?) She said it's $795.
    I think it's called the Cotton Club pochette but I'm not sure. Is this right? If so, does anyone have a picture?

    I guess she put a little annoying bee in my brain about this!!

    Thanks SOO much!!! :yes:
  2. It's a very cute, going out bag. Not for everyday use though IMO. I thought it was a little too small. :shrugs:
  3. ^ Thanks. I need a few going out type bags. :smile:
  4. I haven't seen it IRL yet, buit wanted to say,
    "Hi Hon!! I miss you!!!"
  5. ^ Hey Swank!!!! HUGS!!!
  6. I bought this in black and then returned it. I thought it was too small and very similar to my LV epi pouchette so i couldn't justify keeping it.
  7. I agree that it is very small - I saw it last week in bronze or tan... or something.

    It's really cute though. Big enough to hold a cell, lipstick, mirror and a teeny wallet. It's a casual 'night-out' kind of pochette. I liked it.
  8. ^ Hmmm, maybe that is a little too small.
    I love the idea of the bronze, though. Thanks ladies!
  9. I thought it's like the size of the cambon pochette...... I remember seeing one posted here, I think the girl was a dept. store employee b/c I remember her saying how she got it for less than $500 or something and it was b/c of her discount.......
  10. I saw a black one at my NM, it's very cute!
  11. i saw it last weekend. It's the size of the cambone pochettes (will probably fit as much as a LV pochette). I'm not sure if the price is still 795 though (I thought I saw 995 but I'm not sure).
  12. Anyone know where I could see a picture?
  13. I ordered then return the bronze, but didn't take a pic before I sent it back so I am not much help. The NM catalog lady told it was 19 inches long, which is so untrue. It's pretty small and I just didn't need another small bag. I really liked the color though.