cotton club pochette **pics**

  1. ok~~here she is! i love her..:yahoo: i still cant believe i got a brand new chanel for under $500... !!! enjoy!
  2. No pics??
  3. I want to see the pictures!
  4. oops forgot to post the pics

    here they are!!



    chanel-4.jpg [/ATTACH]
  5. i suck at taking good pics..
  6. Soooo cute!! Enjoy it!
  7. very cute! congrats!!
  8. pic of the inside & a pic of the back

    chanel 005.jpg

    chanel 006.jpg
  9. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo adorable!!OMG! I adore it!congrats!
  10. i love it too! congrats!
  11. congrats, gorgeous bag.

    Can i ask where you bought it from?
  12. i got it at the Saks in nyc!
  13. thanks everyone... i went with the black like i always do lol i debated for a bit then just went with the black although i still love the pearly color...
  14. Love it!
  15. So glad you decided to get it! It is adorable!!!! What an awesome deal you got! Yeah!