Cotton Club Medium Tote?

  1. Does anyone know the retail price of the cotton club medium tote (pic below), and is it avail in US? My local Chanel boutique doesn't have this bag... TIA! :nuts:

  2. i don't know the retail, but it is really cute! :smile:
  3. That bag is hot! I would love it in the bronze color.. I wonder what the retail price for it is as well.. :graucho:
  4. The boutique at the Wynn in Las Vegas had it in blue a week ago. Doesn't look as tall as the above pic shows.
  5. I just ordered mine...its $1750 CAD so i guess it will be around $1350-$1450 in US
  6. hi, i think its 1590 or 1595 usd. :yes:
  7. i asked and was told $1595.
  8. do you guys know the dimensions of this bag?
  9. oh, i love the medium cc tote. i think the large is too big for me. thanks for the post.
  10. My bad. :shame: I thought you got the medium.
  11. Thank you everyone! It's a cute size isn't it and $1595 isn't that bad :p Now I'm just hoping that Chanel Melbourne will get one...

    Btw nycgirl24 - the dimensions are W25×H23.5×D12 cm (approx. 10" x 9.4" x .8")
  12. ^ Thank you!
  13. Does anyone know the style number for this?