cotton club ligne

  1. was this just a limited ligne? i haven't seen any cotton club bags recently...i thought it was to replace the cambon bags?

    how are people liking their cotton club bags? :p
  2. Yes, it was one season only thus far:yes:

    No, it's not replacing Cambon:nogood:

    And yes, I LOVE my bronze tote!:love:
  3. ^ ITA w/ Swanky... I LOVE my bronze Cotton Club tote!! :heart:

    Hmm... I've seen some totes within the last month at NM and Saks, but I know that they're difficult to find and stock is probably very limited... maybe you can have an SA do a company wide search for you? :smile:
  4. I love the bronze color in that ligne!
  5. i have the denim-ey blue..........................adore it......
    the color was vera vera hard to it at Chanel boutique - either Bal Harbour or Palm Beach, can't remember :yes: