cotton club ligne not permanent!

  1. i just called the chanel 1800 number in search of a medium silver cotton club tote. (they are sold out of it in chanel boutiques :crybaby:) the guy told me that this ligne is not part of the permanent collection! he didn't know when they were going to discontinue it though. did anyone else know this? i always thought it replaced the cambon so it would be permanent.

    so... i guess if you want anything from the cotton club ligne... buy it soon!
  2. :confused1: :crybaby: Say it ain't so!!!!! I need to call my SA and confirm this w/ them too!

    Why don't they realize that when a certain ligne is popular, DON'T DISCONTINUE IT!!!!:cursing:
  3. my SA at the toronto boutique (whod oesn't always give the most accurate information) had told me that the CC isn't a permanent line.
  4. Oh that is not good...
    I would not mind a silver cc but have other bags at the top of my list....
  5. Its true my dearies.... when I was deciding between an e/w lambskin and the silver cotton club, my SA told me to get the silver CC as it is not within the permanent collection. She was trying her best to convince me to get it as " you wouldnt be able to get it even when you're willing to pay double for it when chanel discontinues it!":true:
  6. My Sa just told me today that this was going to be part of the permanent collection. Now i'm confused:confused1:
  7. ^ hopefully your sa is right and the chanel people are just silly and confused!
  8. I don't know if it's going to become a Timeless Collection or not. . .
    most things are not permanant from Chanel though.
  9. There was 2 left in my boutique in Houston last night. Try calling it and ask for Nausheen. She's really nice. Tell her Anne referred her to you.
  10. ^ thanks i just called them. everyone is telling me that the cotton club only comes in the large. yet i've seen it in the medium on here... :confused1:
  11. I believe Neiman showed it in its Catalog that I just received.
  12. If its the tote you are looking for it only comes in one size so whether they say medium or large I think its the one you want.
  13. Well good thing I got a CC pochette for my mother. I liked it so much I got one for myself! I'm keeping it!!
  14. no, there IS 2 sizes of the tote, just not every store ordered them.
  15. I would be surprised if it were permananent. As much as it is popular, Chanel doesn't have alot of permanent styles.