cotton carly or white ali?


which should i get?

  1. cotton canvas medium in brown

  2. white ali

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  1. :shrugs: If you could only get one right now, which would it be?
  2. Carly hands down!
  3. Aarti, the white ali is beautiful and even though it's white, it isn't a bright white so can be used through more seasons. And the lining is spectacular! It's a fabulous bag!
  4. I think the white ali is such a great looking bag. It seems roomy plus love the striped lining.
  5. I vote Carly! I like the Ali but not I'm not crazy about it in white for some reason.
  6. ali totally
  7. I love both, but I would get the Ali! I think it's something you will use for a very long time.
  8. Ali, definitely. It seems more classic to me and is so beautiful. I have it in whiskey and I love it!
  9. Definitely the Ali. I love it in white, it's just gorgeous!
  10. I think I like the Ali best in the white.
  11. I am a Carly fanatic so that's where my vote goes!
  12. Carly. Not really a fan of white leather. I've come to realize I only really like about 25% of what Coach makes! eek too picky!
  13. I don't even think I had to think about it. I would choose the white ali 100000 times out of 100000 :smile:
  14. White Ali! That is MY next bag....if I can find one! LOL!
    I just bought the Khaki Sig Carly (Medium) though and I LOVE IT! It'll tide me over till ALI comes my way! Where did YOU find one??
  15. ^^Oh no, its hard to find?! I thought it was still available!!!!? Aww this is bad news.