Cotton ball vs cotton pad

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  1. This may be a silly question.. but is there a difference if I use a cotton BALL versus a cotton PAD? I would use them for applications of toners, or sometimes make up remover. I don't know if one cotton is "finer" than the other, or something else.

  2. I use cotton balls for removing nail polish
    I use cotton pads (the square/rectangle kind) for make up and toners

    So i dont know.. its just my preference
  3. Exact same thing for me.

    I dont know if there is a difference, I just know that cotton balls remove polish quick, and I like pads more for my face.:shrugs:
  4. i use cotton pads for everything...cotton balls annoy me.
  5. Cotton balls removing nail polish and cotton pads for makeup and toner too over here! Cotton pads are more convenient to use since its processed into one unit whereas sometimes cotton balls can unravel/ fluff out etc.
  6. i like cotton balls for everything: removing nail polish, toner, etc.
    i just feel that it tugs less on my skin, and i don't want to create fine wrinkles. but then again, i use cold cream to get my eye makeup off, otherwise i believe i would use cotton pads to take that makeup off.
  7. Me too!!!;) Especially for nail polish & toner!!! ......The only time I use cotton pads is with cosmetic application (Touch ups w/press powder).


  8. Same thing for me
  9. I prefer cotton pads for everything! I feel like they absorb less product and thus I'm not wasting my hard-earned stuff lol. I don't know how accurate this may be, but that's how I feel.
  10. I use pads to remove makeup if I'm using lancome bi-facil. I don't use that as much now though. (liquid cleansers..)

    I use cotton balls a lot however. I'm always painting nails. :P
  11. I do it this way as well.
  12. Only the pads...
  13. Thanks for all the input!

    I use cotton balls for anything that requires liquid - toner, polish remover, etc. But I haven't used pads for a long time and was wondering if there was a difference. I heard somewhere in the office that the pads are actually more abrasive because they are formed/molded into the shape - whereas a cotton ball just is a fluff of random threads.
  14. I use cotton balls for everything.

  15. Ditto.