Cottage Cheese

  1. I eat mine with canned peaches. Pineapples are also good. Anyone else love it?
  2. i loooooooove cottage cheese. sometimes with pineapple or peaches, usually just by itself. my very favorite is the horizon organic low-fat. it's very tasty and has a cute little cartoon cow on it!
  3. I used to LOVE cottage cheese...until I moved to the east coast. :crybaby: When I lived in CA, the ONLY cottage cheese I would eat is Knudsen Lowfat Small Curd. It came in a pink/white container. It was delicious...I could seriously eat an entire carton!

    AND THEN I MOVED. They don't have it here. :crybaby: The only stuff I can find is Breakstone or Lucerne, and they are VILE!!! As a result...I no longer eat the stuff. VERY sad.
  4. try the horizon organic low-fat! it's much better than breakstone, imo, and has a very pleasant flavor! i just sat here and ate a third of a carton...
  5. I love it with some black pepper and sea salt in it.

    I also like to eat it with salsa and tostitos.
  6. I love it with sliced tomatoes or grape tomatoes and pepper.
  7. Just salt and pepper for me.

    Mmmm... cottage cheese.
  8. Love cottage cheese. I usually eat it straight from the packet or with dinner, it goes with everything.
  9. I love cottage cheese, especially the large curd varity, which is hard to find. I usually eat mine plain with a generous sprinkling of lemon pepper.....yum!!!
  10. love the large curd, I eat it plain
  11. I do love cottage cheese!
    Very strange...but when I have the's usually the only food that sounds good...I think because it's so cold...???...i know...weird.
    I like salt and pepper on it!
    I love it w/peaches best...yummae!
    And...every now and then, I'll take a garden tomato, hollow out the center 'core' and stuff it w/cottage cheese (or tuna salad)! Yum-dilly-icious!
  12. I hated cottage cheese before. My mom would buy it all the time. She and my sister were the only ones to finish it.... Until the low-carb craze hit me. I usually eat it with pineapples or mangoes.
  13. I like it with a variety of fruit, with jam or jelly mixed in, and with peanut butter and granola. I haven't had any in a long time. Maybe I will go get some!
  14. i LOVE the knudsen's low fat cottage cheese. i usually eat it with canned pineapples or peaches. it's good with tomato as well. i haven't had it with salt and pepper, but it seems to be a common way of eating it, so i'll give it a try :smile:
  15. I get fat-free cottage cheese & eat it w/ some Splenda & sugar-free canned peaches. Yumm! haah