Costume National hobo - keep or sell for way less than paid?

  1. I bought this bag last year for a pretty penny...I haven't worn it at all yet, though when I saw it on Nicole Richie I had to have it. We are about the same size - yet I'm not sure I can pull it off. IF I do sell it I will only get about half price for it now (about $500ish). Not sure I can stomach that much of a loss :tdown: Gorgeous bag, super rare, very light, easy in/out, roomy and is made of suede. I DO have a Fendi green spy though, which is quite similar in style/size. I'd love everyone's thoughts. Unfortunately I took pics of me w/it on my camera phone but can't figure out how to email them to myself LOL! Seems I can only send by phone...I have the Razr, anyone know?

    Thanks girls for your honest thoughts.

    Here's the bag on Nicole:
  2. seems like you've answered your own question about the bag. You can't stomach a $500 loss and I don't think I could either. As far as your daughter says 1. go to picture section of phone 2. click on options 3. click send/message and type in email addy 4. click send. Hope this helps...Btw, NR was photographed with another Costume National bag, It was also gorgeous and I looked for it everywhere with no luck, where did you find this one?
  3. I would TOTALLY keep it. It is a very unique and cool bag and i really feel you will regret it if you sell it. plus, costume national is awesome!
  4. yeah that is a big loss to take :sad: the other one that she had is this one below - as for where I got mine, I found it on eBay a couple of months ago...had been eyeing it for sooo long and then when I got it I felt maybe I looked funny carrying it? I'll have to pull it out tomorrow and give it a run at least :yes:


  5. ^^^That's it...I love that bag! Oh well, ok, back to you...Why don't you post pics of you carrying the bag? I'm sure you'll look fabulous with it!
  6. ok what do you think? Thanks for the uploading tips by the way, your daughter is awesome!!!

  7. ooh Keep it! It looks great on you! I love boho!
  8. if you love it so much then why don't you use it!?
  9. That bag looks awesome on you! I would keep it. I love not have the same bag as everyone else.
  10. That bag is so unique and cute! You should keep it. :yes:
  11. You have to keep it and you have to wear it and a lot! :yes:
    This is such a cute, unique and gorgeous bag. I love it on you.
  12. I think you should keep it!
  13. I say.. KEEP!
  14. aw you guys are GREAT! Ok I'll keep it. I'm pulling it out today to use! Thanks so much.