Costume National clothing: anyone has experience?

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  1. How does it wear, good quality? It says "Made in Italy", when most higher-end brands aren't these days. TIA.
  2. CN clothes are fantastic, I have a great pencil skirt from them which fits like no other their clothes
  3. Excellent quality, priced relatively well compared to other designer brands.
  4. ^^ Exactly what I would say. I'm always a little surprised at how well priced CN for such fine quality.
  5. I have a skirt from CNC a I love it! The cut is fantastic and the quality is great. I would expect even better quality from the main line.
  6. I love Costume National! I only have a coat from them but it is TDF! The quality is awesome and sooo comfortable; very well made, I highly recommend the brand!
  7. Yeah I agree with everyone above! Costume National quality is all TDF. I highly reccomend them :smile: