Costume Jewelry Opinions Please

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  1. Hi everyone. My boyfriend bought be the small CC earrings for my birthday and I was thinking of buying the necklace so I would have a matching set. Do you think that would look good or be too "matchy matchy"? I really like the idea, I just don't want to look like a fashion victim. Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. i guess it depends on your outfit and the necklace itself. But, i won't wear both earings and necklace just because i think it's too matchy2.
  3. Hi Nicoler

    I agree with mochmoch... don't wear both together. But enjoy the earrings they're tdf.
  4. Both together would look like you are trying too hard.
    I think it would look more glamourous with just the one piece.
  5. I have tried a few times to pair up the earrings and necklaces for different brands, different styles and even different material of jewellery. They never succeeded in being together. It means it's too "awkward" and too "old fashioned" to do so indeed. It's only okay on those posters with models wearing them. I'm sure I am not that ugly, but somehow it's definitely too much with such pairing as the others suggested.
  6. personally i wouldn't wear them together... a bit too many logos happening at once IMO! But if you're buying the necklace and you're happy to wear it alone, i think that's fine (in fact i think the earrings and necklace separately are gorgeous!)
  7. Thank you all for your input. I think you all are right!
  8. I don't like matching necklace with earrings but love matching earrings with ring or bracelet.
  9. I think it depends on which earrings and which necklace. If the logo's are on the smaller side, then I think it's fine to wear them together :yes:. But if they are medium to large sized, then one at a time will look best!:tup:
  10. I personally wouldn't wear them together. I just think it's a bit much in the way of logos.

    I have a Baccarat necklace and earrings that match it and I won't even wear those together. There is not even an obvious logo but for me, it's just too much of the same thing.

    Still get the necklace if you love it, but I wouldn't wear them at the same time.
  11. I'm with Vicky2007: no matching earrings and necklace - too close together. Necklace OR Earrings with bracelet and/or ring. Plus the logos might be just too much in itself. But separately GORGEOUS!
  12. ditto them seperately.