Costume Jewelry on ebay a Rip Off?

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  1. I wouldn't necessarily call it a rip-off. Inflated prices? yes, but it's all dependent on what people are willing to pay. Not everyone (including me) has access to Chanel so it might be worth it to spend a little more money to get what you want.
  2. No disrespect, but why is it a rip-off? As I see it, most of the pieces are actually below retail, esp. the more expensive ones.

    Sigh, maybe I am getting old.......
  3. So true. And some items have been sold out, so it's the only way we could even purchase them. although I would choose not to purchase it if I felt it was too much.

  4. I understand where the OP is coming from. I think the trend on ebay and other resale places these days is to claim everything is "sold out everywhere" (even if it's not) and mark it up about 25% over retail, sometimes less, sometimes more. Which is why I will call the 1-800 CHANEL number and try to hunt down what I want from Chanel unless it's a few years old.
  5. ITA w/ the ladies here. When I think of "rip off," I think fakes. Since these are not fake, not really a rip off, maybe overpriced though...

  6. I also wouldn't use the word "rip off" .. but I do find prices are quite high from this particular seller. I saw a few jewelery pieces that I would like to buy from this seller but did not cuz of the price.
    But like the other ladies have said here, it's not that he is unreasonable putting the price so high, since most of the items he is selling has been discontinued... and all the items are brand new w/tags.
    Which particular CJ are u interested in? If it's relatively new, u might still be able to find it in the store.. or wait for an occasional used one to show up!
  7. ITA with the other posts here - not necessarily a rip off but seller is pricing to see if demand among buyers will pay off - especially for limited, popular or sold out items. Sometimes I've seen the prices on older items sell above original retail just because they are popular.
  8. Sorry ladies, that's exactly what I mean, I just mean "really overpriced/marked up" when I say rip off, maybe it was too strong a word to use. But thank you for all your input. I agree with devilangel, I find that this particular seller's prices are really high for some not-too-old items, so I won't consider buying yet. I really wanted to know what the difference was between what I would have paid and what the ring originally sold for though.. anyway, since it says it's from 09P I will just have to hunt around!
  9. This particular seller tends to overprice A LOT!!! I mean, asking $399 for a pair of mini Swarowski Logo earrings that retail for $210??? Even if you don't have boutique or high-end dept store around, you can always call a couple and have it shipped to you. And these earrings are in fact discontinued, but other pieces are not: I saw him selling Swarowski crystal logo necklace for $369 and exact same necklace in our local boutique for $185!!! That's more like 50% over retail, not 25%...I totally agree with OP!
  10. Yes, this particular seller's prices seem quite high to me too. I have been tempted by some pieces he had listed, but the high prices over retail kept me from bidding.

    OP, the ring in that listing is from Spring '09, so it should be available. It looks like it's from the Hall of Mirror or Baguette collections. I'd call around and get one at retail. GL with your search. It's a gorgeous ring!

  11. haha iw as one of the lucky ones that sold a pair of 06 earrings for more than 25% of when I first purchased it, and it was used (but in great condition since I don't like them and don't wear it a lot) on eBay. teehee
  12. I've seen sellers listing at $0.99 starting price. Good luck with your search!
  13. liuyinn - exactly! And a $355 necklace I really want going for $799.....grrrrr

    Thank you everyone for the good luck. I'm in HK atm though and found out today that HK Chanel didn't even order the ring in the first place (and not much of 09 Spring jewelry left), so it looks like I may have to resort to ebay after some more consideration...
  14. You can get it shipped from the US. But I'm not sure it's worth it after shipping fees and customs. May work out to the same amount that seller is charging?