1. I was just checking out Costco's website... and I noticed designer handbags! Is this for real? Because if so I want the Prada Antic they on there. Has anyone ever shopped from them, handbag wise? Good experience? This might make my Costco addiction a little unhealthy!:P
  2. yeah, as far as I know they're real, Fendi Spy, My Flat in London, Ferragamo, etc. . . .
  3. I saw them at my local costco.. they seemed legit.. I had a similar bag.. gosh, I don't want to go to costco now.. lol...too much bag temptations... hehe
  4. I bought a Prada nylon backpack from BJ's that was originally $595 marked down to $279 and it is legit. They also carry Coach and Marc Jacobs and everything is locked up in a glass case. But the downside is if you are in the store and see something I would buy it then and there- I think they only carry one of whatever item they are selling because my bag came directly out of the case.

    FYI I have also noticed that BJ's carries Movado watches (as well as Coach) at their jewelry counter.
  5. God, now I want to find this bag somewhere else online to compare the price! But I can't seem to find it, which I admit is making me a little paranoid. Since this bag is online I wonder how long it is going to last?
  6. What??! I had no idea Costco sold authentic bags! I heard they sold My Flat in London, and I tried looking for those at my Costco, and I didn't see any bags at all.
  7. Costco stores tend to have different merchandise depending on the location. The bags that I was looking on were online. I have seen them sell Coach, and Ralph Lauren at the stores.
    Look at the website, they have a couple cute bags from My Flat in London!
  8. Costco's website is a better bet for the choices in purses rather than the stores itself...and they have some great ones....Although I think its great...

    I hate to have paid more at the boutique and found them for less at Costco...Im so glad that LV doesnt do that....
  9. I've seen Coach, Lacoste, and Marc Jacobs at Costco for a while. A lot of them are really pretty and marked down somewhat. I've yet to see a Prada though...can't wait.

    Speaking of LV (on a different sidenote), I always see at least one person at Costco carrying an LV bag. Because it's rare for me to see LV in my area among the D&Bs and Coaches, I think it's fun looking for the next LV a shopper has at the local Costco.
  10. They're grey market bags/ watches. You won't get the same warrenties as you would if you bought them through legitimate sources. So, like on a Movado watch... Movado has a warrenty on the parts being free from defect... but if you didn't buy it from an authorized Movado dealer (and Costco is not one) you are out of luck if you have a problem.

    I'm sure you're all familiar with they are similar and they HAVE sold fakes before. They might think they're real, because whoever is selling to them says they are, but, they're not getting items from manufactuers so there is no way to gaurentee authenticity.
  11. I caught Costco selling some Furla bags made in China on their website. They stated that those bags were "Made in Italy", however, when I received them I saw the "Made in China" tag, which made me immediately start wondering about their authenticity. The good thing is, I have never had any problem returning things to Costco. They even reimburse the shipping&handling fees.
  12. I think I would be hesitant about buying a designer bag from Costco because I remember them having a fake Balenciaga bag not that long ago that was discussed on this forum. They pulled the bag from their web site but someone here still got a fake one from them (that they returned).

    At least it is good that they have a fair return policy. Peggy
  13. A while ago on another forum, someone posted an article about the parent company of Fendi suing Costco for selling fake Spy bags. Don't know the outcome, but might be worth looking into...
  14. Costco is not an authorized dealer. Always read the fine print at the bottom of the page.
  15. Oh well... that's too bad since I use the store for everything else. :smile: