Costco wants to take over all aspects of the market...

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  1. O ! my goodness !!! its morbid !
  2. I like the overnight shipping. It'd be pretty awful if you had to order one weeks in advance.

    Anyway, as someone who's already bought a coffin, I'd definitely consider these. But I suspect it would have been hard to interest me if I was a first-time buyer.

    Just to give you some background, I bought a cherry one for $5400 when my father died five years ago, so these prices look fairly attractive. I anticipate I'll probably need to buy another within the next decade. Both my parents taught me to plan ahead, y'know?
  3. I knew about this. Its sad we need them in the first place.
  4. double post
  5. When you think about it, unfortunately, caskets will always be needed. Now that I've said that, it is rather morbid. :huh:
  6. :lol: wow I need those in bulk!
  7. I know it is morbid, but they will be necessary one day....
  8. I read about this a while ago. I think that it's actually a good thing because they offer reasonable prices for caskets and are preventing people from being gouged by greedy funeral homes who charge people exorbitant prices in their time of distress... That's kinda nice...
  9. :sad2: do they come in monogram canvas???? Oh my god...the multi color white would be wonderful.......when I go, thats what I want!!

    seriously, forget the morbidness of it....its kind of expensive these days to die...isnt it??? Look at those prices...
  10. It is! I spent $18K on my father's funeral five years ago. And it was quite simple. Simple but elegant. What really made it was an 8 person choir and a luncheon for 80 afterwards. It might sound odd, but I really took a lot of pride in the fact that so many people said it was one of the nicest funerals they'd ever attended.

    Our family has loads of family friends so I grew up going to weddings, funerals, and christenings on a near-weekly basis. And I guess I learned a lot from it. I hope I can do as well for my mother when the time comes.
  11. No kidding, man. You can get your crib and your casket from the same place. Heck, in one trip if you want.
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Cracking up at this!!!! Thanks CrazyBagLady for making me laugh. I'm right there with you!
  13. What can I say.. marketing geniuses. People are really driven to save money, baby boomers are entering senior years more unhealthy than ever (obesity, heart problems).. so it's a pretty good combination.

    I find Costo's marketing a little more freaky. They can track EVERYTHING you purchase there, and even moreso, you not only agreed to this, you paid for it. Their marketing data must be immense.
  14. I showed these to my hubby and he said he'd just put me in my LV trunk with one of my favorite bags. Aint love grand:sad: V