Costco on Ateliernaff

  1. wow, thanks for posting fiatflux & thanks to you LP for doing all of this research for us's easy to see the differences when you know what you're looking for...but you would have to really know your b-bags to avoid being fooled :hysteric:
  2. wow... amazing comparison. so incredibly close now. *blitherplasted*
  3. LP I can't tell you how helpful your blog is!!! It has been my HG as far as Balenciaga education goes, and articles like that are the reason why! Thanks for all the info :flowers:
  4. LP! you are the best! wow! it's crazy how close it is to the real thing.
  5. holy crap! The bales are sooooo good! Soooo scary!
  6. Wow, they look so alike.If I didn't know any better and I had seen the rounded bales and the serial number...I would've just bought it.It's scary how imitations are getting so good.
  7. I know!!! Yikes!:wtf: Thanks, fiatflux for posting and LP for putting this on your site.
  8. LPeasey you are awesome!!!

    Love the comment about the birds flying around son and I pass the time while waiting in the ginormous checkout line by counting the birds.
  9. That is so freaking scary!!! :wtf:
  10. That's really scary!! You really have to know your b bags if you don't want to be fooled.
  11. LP, you are the best for doing this! Oh my, if I only looked at the bales, I would've thought it was the real deal. Scary.
  12. Wow the differences are very subtle, I can see how people who even try to do their research can get fooled by that one... wonder how many/if any of them will end up on eBay soon.
  13. Don't thank me, folks, thank the lovely PFer who was smart enough to order one and take photos! (She can reveal herself if she likes...) :yes:

    Apparently yes! :wtf:
  14. I'd really be curious to find out where these bags came from ... is there any way to find out that info from Costco?