Costco got some Fendi too!

  1. In my last 2 trips to Costco in Halifax, Canada (Dec 07/Jan08), I saw at least 3 Fendi & one Burberry bag in the display cabinet (next to the watches/jewelry counter). All of them are in Cdn$300-500 range. I remember these two & both in the same material like the small messanger bag. I'm not sure if all Costco carry the same products but check them out.

    Tobacco Zucca Double F Mini messenger bag.jpg Brown Zucca Chef Hobo.jpg
  2. I don't think I would buy Fendi from Costco, especially in light of Fendi's suit against WalMart for selling fakes, which just settled.
  3. I would not buy my Fendi from Costco
  4. If you're going to spend $300-$500 at Costco, I would just go to a Fendi boutique or like Saks or something.
  5. Didnt CostCo sell Fake Balenciaga's at one point, or was that somewhere else?
  6. ^^^ I think that was Sam's Club, or was that for Fendi.. I forget... I'm always leery. Unless you're buying from a boutique, it's buyer beware. Just do a thorough authentication before buying.
  7. I think Costco got caught with fake LVs a couple years back, if I am remembering correctly.
  8. ^ Someone posted that Cotsco was selling LVs again and they contacted LV and sure answer on the authenticity of the bag though...

    I have seen some Fendi and some Coach at my Cotsco too but I wouldn't buy any designer bag from cotsco...