Costco Furla Handbag on sale - $49.97 and up

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    Costco is clearly trying to get rid of the Furla Farrah bags and Carrie bags from the last season as soon as possible, :wtf: This might be the biggest sale I've ever seen on Furla handbags.....

  2. Thank you so much! Got one Carrie and one Farrah. Awesome deal!
  3. I just bought a Carrie. Can't beat this price! Thank you Ecthelion
  4. I hope that these are real, my friend said she saw a news report about Costco having fakes, but she said she thinks it was with Christian Dior.

    But I LOVE the metalic Carrie in gold!! :cutesy:
  5. anyone know wut the E/O heading means for the farrah bag?.. not sure if thats handbag or shoulder?
  6. ^^I highly suspect that it actually means East/West while E/O is a typo. :push: I actually have that bag. I would say it is best used as a handbag (looks better in my opinion), but it can be worn on the shoulder too. And if you stuff the bag too much the look is not as good, so half full is basically the guideline.
  7. Got a Farrah! Thanks Ecthelion!
  8. Aww. Too bad they don't ship to Canada. :crybaby:
  9. Great deal! I'm ordering the bronze Carrie Small Shoulder Bag. Great for going out at night.

  10. awesome deals...wish they had the small carrie in silver though. thanks for sharing anyway!
  11. How did you find out about the sale? I'm on their e-mailing list but don't see an email about it.

    BTW thanks, I ordered a Farrah. Best part about costco is their excellent easy return policy if I don't like it.
  12. ^^ I didn't receive any email. I just happened to visit their handbag section yesterday. :smile:
  13. I can't vouch for these bags but I know that in the past, Costco did have a problem with selling some fake bags.
  14. Thank you so much! I ordered a white Farrah for my Mom in the US :heart:
    I had to get her CC :upsidedown: info and then wire her the money back :lol: since I can't sign up (being in France) but it will be an awesome present for her!
  15. Got my furla farrah today and it's gorgeous! Fast service and an unbeliveable deal!! Thanks for the heads up!