costco diamonds

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  1. does anyone have experience with buying diamonds from costco? especially the custom ordering part? i'm looking for a cushion diamond...

    i've been monitoring their online site pretty regularly to see what kinds of e-rings are out there and they seem relatively well priced.

    i really would like to know how jewelers deal with this situation. i would prefer to choose the setting myself. would the 'names' know what i'm doing and refuse? (cartier? tiffany? vca?) please help!

    i don't think the quality would be sub-par but it seems kind of strange to go there for such a purchase!! am i being too self conscious?

  2. My dad got my mom one of those 3 stone pendants (past present and future) from there for Christmas a few years ago. It's really gorgeous and she takes her stuff in to her regular jewelry store for cleaning; the people always admire it since it was such a good quality piece, they were surprised she got it there. I'm not sure of the grading at all but it really is sparkly and I don't think there are many flaws at all.
  3. One of my friends actually bought the diamond for his fiancee's e-ring there. I was really surprised at what high quality stones they have.
  4. As far as I know Cartier and Tiffany do not set other people's stones.
  5. I don't know what you are referring to as to "would the names know"- do you want to have a setting from one of those places? If so, I don't think they will sell just a setting.

    As for Costco, I think they are GIA certified- you'll need to check. I don't think it is weird to purchase from there, or from Sam's Club. If it works in your budget, fits your needs and you like it, then go with it.

    I would recommend going to, if you have not. You can search diamonds from many different vendors and also learn a lot on those boards as to diamond specs to make your search easier, as well as purchase through online vendors.
  6. The only stones I've seen at Costco are IGI certified which os not a reputable certification.
    ^^is right, Tiffany's or some other big names won't set your stone anyhow, but no, no one will ever know where you bnuy the stone.

    The thing to know about IGI is if the cushion you find, for example, says it's
    F color VVS2 and 1.89 crts, the truth may be that it's actually a 1.5 I or J color VS2 or SI1 stone.
    So the deal isn't actually good at all as you're paying more for the stone they claim it to be as opposed to the stone it truly is.

    They give refunds however, so if you choose to buy from them, immeiately take it to a reputable, independent appraiser and have it appraised immediately for verification.

    Also, please know that I am in no way saying you can't get an amazing stone there :nogood:
  7. i have no problem with costco, i don't think it is the most romantic place to buy a diamond...but i love that you can return it...with absolutely no "attitude"

    i think you can get a great stone there, but i think you have to be educated..and know excatly what you are looking for
  8. I believe the majority of their diamonds are IGI certified. Costco website sells loose diamonds with GIA certificate.
  9. thank you all so much!

    i have no experience with "loose" diamonds and i wanted to know where to start.

    i think ultimately, i'm leaning towards costco.

    i agree with guccimama that it is so unromantic (ugh. really it is!) but at the end of the day, i'd rather go with the bigger rock! as big as money will buy (budget-dependent).

    i think an engagement is still a good year away, but i want to start the research now!
  10. I own a diamond solitaire from Tiffany's, a diamond solitaire (Hearts and Arrows) from White Flash and a diamond band from Costco. I love all three and they are all equally beautiful to the naked eye. You can't go wrong with the prices at Costco either. If there is a ring that you love at Costco, you would save a bundle by purchasing it there.
  11. I did not buy any loose diamonds from Costco but my DH did get my e-ring and band there and they are beautiful. They appraised for almost 2k more than we bought them for (they came as a set) and color and clarity were exactly as advertised according to our jeweler. I am a very happy woman.
  12. lubird, my father has purchased diamonds for my mom at costco, and he can truly purchase anywhere he wants...they are at that point in their life, but he is a pretty frugal guy...and my mom is really picky. so he buys her something, with the knowledge that she can go in there with no problem and return it.

    for that reason alone, i love costco
  13. I considered Costco when I was looking for diamond stud earrings. I asked around and basically the consensus seemed to be that their pricing would be fair but cut may not be the best. I wanted to buy from them as I trust them and they have a great return policy. But their pricing wasn't that great on diamond earrings and they only sell screwbacks (I wanted push backs). So I went with Whiteflash.
  14. Costco has very high quality diamonds. Sam's Club has lower quality. Your best best is as Swanky said, buy it and have it appraised by a gemologist, not a jeweler. I love Costco because they always take things back, no questions asked.