Costco carries Burberry now?!

  1. I don't know what to comment, but I'm shocked to see Costco carrying Burberry handbags now:

    Costco Handbags, Wallets & Luggage=

    I had a very bad personal experience with Costco on handbags before. And if you want to take a chance, please be aware that they state clearly that they are NOT authorized dealers of such merchandise. I personally take such statement as 'No authenticity guranteed'. The only good thing is that they have some very reliable return policy.:s
  2. Whoa. Kind of cool. That sounds a little sketch though.
  3. I saw a Louis Vuitton eclipse at the Costco in Raliegh. It was significantly cheaper than in the LV store.
  4. Really.... I've seen Coach and Fendi at my local Costco before. I agree, that authenticity is likely not guaranteed so shop with caution.
  5. Whoa! They have the nice ones, too, like the Cinda. But what about all the whole Balenciaga thing? I want one, though.
  6. Yay! They have Kipling- my secret love :shame:
  7. i have seen prada at costoc once, so i am not surprise if it carries other brand. then again, i am not sure of its authenticity.
  8. Costco gets things in spurts - sort of like a TJ Maxx. I heard after Hurricane Katrina, when the stores were flooded, Neiman Marcus sold all of its non-damaged stock to Costcos, so you could find some really high-price designer bags there for about a week. They also sometimes buy bags from stores going out of business or after a fire (for example.) So while I don't usually walk in and find something, once in a while they'll have a whole bunch of something.
  9. My Sams Club has Prada, Burberry, D&B and Coach. They look authentic but I never closely looked at them.

    Compulsivepurse - Do you mean Saks? NM doesn't have a store on the gulf coast. I wish they did!!
  10. Maybe it was Saks. I was going by what a store employee told me. They could have been mixed up.
  11. Buying designer bags from Sam's Club? I would never trust them (ie, Spy bags and hey look at their business practices!) At Costco, I know for a fact the stuff they sell are not fake. I remember the fiasco with the BBags and the buyer immediately contacted ALL the stores and pulled them from their website. My costco carries, maxx bags, prada, some $9,000 bag designer (have no idea!) but they do not carry THOUSANDS of them. They have 1 on display and a handful in the back that you have to get a pickup slip for. Meaning, if they carried fakes, they would easily carry thousands of them.
    TOday I saw some cute pair of Kate Spade sunglasses for $47! going back tomorrow!
  12. I'm pretty sure they are authentic at costco, i did hear that sam's club was selling fakes a couple years back. Costco is the #2 Diamond seller in the country behind Tiffany's too FYI :smile:
  13. I think this like coach at target, they get them from the grey market.
  14. I'm a bit suprised, but the prices look good compared to full retail.
  15. I'm not so sure about their authenticity on handbags because I had some personal bad experience ordering from Basically it's like: the bag's authenticity is doubtful and it does not match the description on their website (they stated 'Made in Italy' but actually there is a tag inside saying 'Made in China'). I brought it to the local store and pointed it out to them, and requested them to take action. And they would not promise ANY action, even no follow-up on the issue; and stated they 'support their vendors' and 'stand behind their products'. All they would do was doing a return for me, which I could simply get without kindly informing them that their products might need their attention. So, :shrugs: I didn't want to elaborate because I don't want to bring unnecessary trouble to the forum. But, anyway, this is the story.

    However, Costco always has good prices and outstanding return policies. It might be worth taking a chance - if it's not as you expected you can return it, and the shipping will be refunded too.