Costco and LV...interesting article..

  1. Seeing that there has been much talk lately about a LV being sold at Costco...I wanted to share this story I found on line taken from the Wall Street Journal...

    Costco, Sam's Club market big-ticket items

    Friday, November 11, 2005
    By Kris Hudson, The Wall Street Journal

    Costco, Sam's Club market big-ticket items
  2. Notice...the 2nd article dates back to 2004, so this isn't anything new!! I guess, still can't believe they sell LV at Costco....I love Costco too!!!
  3. This is sooo weird I wouldve never believed it if I hadnt seen these articles with my own eyes wow!
  4. I just posted in the deals & steals that currently the US Costco website has Marc Jacobs, D&J, and Burberry! I've seen a lot of Coach there - but I've never seen an LV either online or in the stores.
  5. So then if this is true, does that mean they got LV luggage for wholesale price? So there WAS a sale on LV!
  6. I "one" LV bag at the Costco in Raleigh. It was the first weekend it opened and I've never seen another LV there again. It does make you wonder since it was only one and Sam's was found to have fake fendi's.
  7. I've only seen Coach, and not very intersting choices either. Used to see Prada in the black nylon line. Also, boring.

    They have some very nice designer sunglasses online (and you can pay with Visa) including Christian Dior!

    We see Cartier, Chopard and Breitling watches at our local stores often, but of course, never the models we want!

    I do recommend their diamonds. They only sell a minimum grade and cut quality, even for the smallest melle stones. Better than what you would find in any mall, guaranteed. Highly recommend them!

  8. ridiculous!