Costco and Louis Vuitton

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  1. Okay Ladies- here is what I have found out so far.

    I spoke with a very nice woman in the Intellectual Property Division at the Louis Vuitton North American Headquarters located on East 57th Street in New York.

    Louis Vuitton does not have a contract with Costco to sell their luxury items. When she stated contract she means that Louis Vuitton has contracts with Neiman Marcus, Saks etc. to sell their authentic merchandise and of course ELuxury. She also stated that they are currently involved in a lawsuit with Costco over this and could not elaborate any further on the particulars which is understandable, however she did have me email her the pictures that were posted as well as the additional pictures that are being taken this afternoon at that particular Costco site.

    Any luxury items that are being sold by Costco specifically designer handbags are not to be assumed authentic especially Louis Vuitton. It was of major interest to her how a Cherise Speedy that has been discontinued for well over a year could have found its way into Costco and is being sold as new for 900.00.(approx).

    I also sent a email along with the pictures to and received this reply:

    Dear Ms. XXXX,

    Louis Vuitton sells products exclusively through our own private network of boutiques and on the website Designer Handbags, Clothes, Designer Shoes and Louis Vuitton at eLUXURY (USA only). We do not sell our products wholesale, nor do we offer franchise opportunities of any kind.

    We do share your concern regarding the sale of potentially counterfeit and replica Louis Vuitton merchandise. Therefore, your message has been transmitted to the Louis Vuitton Intellectual Property Department. We have an anticounterfeiting coordinator in each country who deals with such potential forgery. We thank you for your conscientious efforts to assist Louis Vuitton in this matter.

    In conjuction with these contacts, I also emailed the appropriate contacts at Costco Corporate headquarters and am awaiting a reply. Perhaps they will issue a inter-department memo to all the stores to knock this **** off.

    As to the lawsuit between Louis Vuitton and Costco, I have enlisted help from a friend in the legal field and we both are doing some investigating to see if in fact this lawsuit does exist.

    I will post updates about the latest spy visit to Costco :graucho: the pictures and the legal action in question as soon as I know something...
  2. wooohooo..thanks for the rock!!!
  3. Thanks for the info! Keep us posted.
  4. Niiiiice work! You go girl.
  5. Wow... Jean, this is very interesting indeed. Do keep us posted...
    I'm not buying anything LV from Costco!
  6. :smile:Thanx a lot! Sorry if this could sound a stupid question,but i live in Italy and we don't have any of this they sell second hand items as well??:confused1: I mean like a consignment store could do? :idea:
  7. Thanks a lot for the update. :smile:
  8. Thanks for the info Detective Jean!!! :sneaky:

    Please keep us updated! :nuts:
  9. Thanks Jean!!

    Hmmm...Sounds very interesting...
  10. That's great!
  11. LV needs to add you to their legal department!
  12. get em!
  13. Good work - thank you so much for letting us know!
  14. Hey - do did such a great job with this....

    Can you help us with Authentic items sell on eBay too? ;)
  15. can i be mr bond?
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