Costa Mesa NR - Designer Pre-Sale Report

  1. I just returned from the Designer Pre-sale at the Costa Mesa/South Coast Plaza NR. Since it is a pre-sale, the designer area is completely sealed off. The side door entrance near the Jamba Juice is locked. Here's the scoop:

    Tons of Tory Burch shoes - lots of flats for $119.99. They had a lot of the metallic flats in gold in silver, and lots in beige with a silver cap toe and white with a black cap toe. Lots of pumps, clear flats, and boots too. Tons of sizes.

    Bags - The designer bags are in the designer area, as opposed to the regular purse area. Zac Posen bags are $342 (weird number). A few Chloes - a couple in metallic purses, and a brown turnlock (looked like a cross btwn MJ and the old Coach styles). A lot of patent Michael Kors bags (very pretty blue!). A lot of Hogans, a few Lanvin ($599). There was one MJ bag.

    The clothes are a great deal too but are final sale. I can't believe they put Vince in the same designer league as Chanel, Akris, Temperley, Armani, etc.

    The presale ends today. It will be open to everyone tomorrow at 8am. I saw one woman attempt to pay with 2 credit cards, and the SA was having none of it.
  2. I realize this is a stupid question, but I'm new. Is "NR" Nordstrom? Just want to confirm before I drive out to Costa Mesa only to end up confused. Thanks!
  3. ooo...this NR is only 3 mins away from my work! ( where i am now..he hee)
  4. Oh duh! I live in that store too. I think I need a glass of wine.
  5. Oh wow, thanks for the hit tip! I wonder what other NR locations have this designer sale?
  6. Thanks for posting gymmia!
  7. Sealed off like no one can get in? Do you need some kind of invitation?I'm going to that area tonite, gonna go check it out
  8. They have these floor to ceiling dividers, but anyone can get in. I pushed my shopping cart in there without a problem.
  9. Do you remember what style of Lavin bags they had??
  10. oh awesome! Thanks for posting~
  11. I went yesterday morning and it was the most annoying shopping experience of my entire life. The sealed area was super packed and they let people bring in strollers and shopping carts that totally blocked all the teeny tiny aisles so you couldn't even move, let alone shop. People were super rude and would just bump you out of their way with their gynormous stollers of screaming babies. They had 2 SAs for about 300 people crammed in to the tiny sealed off area. I found one pair of loeffler randall flats that i attempted to buy, but abandoned after waiting in line for over and hour and didn't even move. I didn't think the selection was any more amazing than usual, nor were there any incredible deals that you couldn't find someplace else. Not sure if it has calmed down any, but people were saying they waited outside the store since 5am on wednesday!!! I think it will be much better tomorrow, when the presale is over and they don't seal off the designer area. Just wanted to warn you ladies so you don't suffer like i did, LOL.
  12. OMG I was there yesterday morning too! It was sooooo crazy and I agree it was very hectic, some women were hauling around CARTS of clothes and shoes and I was like WOW...are you realllly going to buy ALL of that?? It was nuts and the dressing room area was crazy too because there were only a couple rooms and they wouldnt let us take any of the clothes to the other fitting rooms I guess for security reasons...the handbag section was pretty slim when I went in but then again I was in after 100 (they passed out numbers) and there wee quite a few mulberry's, one Lanvin, three Burberry wallet, a Burberry clutch, one Burberry silver quilted hobo, lots of CHLOE bay bags and ava's, there were a lot of michael kors, dolce and gabanna, two Chloe clutches, a couple alexander mcqueens, one MJ, and stella mccartney's. There were a lot of shoes though: Salavatore ferragamo, I saw a couple Manolo's, no CL's, a couple MJ's, I saw ONE pair of Balenciaga shoes (gorgeous!) and Coach, I have to say it was quite a shopping experience, the pushing shoving, yelling...omg it was crazy and like 3 salespeople total...I managed to grab one of the Mulberry's though!!!:woohoo:

  13. Thanks for the info, ladies! I may go tomorrow and check it out...the presale sounds too hectic for me.
  14. The sale is for all NR's( I believe)! They had New Brands sale yesterday but mostly jeans no new shoes and bags. One of the SA's told me that they have a ton of good designer things for tomorrow, from sun glasses to handbags.