Cost to replace speedy handles?

  1. This has probably been asked before but i cant find it much does it cost to get the handles replaced on a speedy? TIA :smile:
  2. I called the LV boutique back in October and it was about $200 something plus tax just the handels and for everything leather (trim, leaf thingies) $400 and something.
  3. for like... $200 more you could just get a whole new speedy (if you got it all done)
  4. $200. for handles. $450. for MC Speedy, including all leather. I took mine in, but the SA's said it wasn't ready yet.
  5. Wow, i have no idea it will cost that much. Thanks for the info.
  6. I asked that question tonight when I was at LV store. To replace the trim and the handles was $385. I forgot about the leaf, but I do agree that it is better to buy a new speedy.
  7. I'd buy a new one :yes:
  8. wow, never knew it cost that much.
  9. Wow...that's a lot of money for replacement. Would rather spring a couple of hundred more for a new one...
  10. I would rather save $200 and replace all the leather for just 400 or whatever that amount was. You could do a lot with $200 and if the canvas is in perfect condition it will be like getting a brand new bag, absolutely no different except you will not be two hundred dollars lighter. I just got my new mono speedy 30 last week and if I ever need any of it redone I would sooner opt for that then get a new one, I'd be attached to it as well.
  11. Yeah, you'd be better off buying a new bag.
  12. I'd just buy a new bag and sell the one you have.
  13. wow. i thought it was only $100! with chads! holy cow batman!
  14. I heard it was 100 dollar for one handle
  15. I got the handles, chads (where the handles attached), pull tab and leaf - all for $145.00. Only thing not replaced was the piping. My bag looked gorgeous!