Cost to change lining?

  1. I'm watching an auction on ebay and the lining of the purse is kind of dirty.:Push: I was wondering how much the cost would be to change the lining of a petite Noe? I want to see if it would be worth buying the purse and paying to change the lining, or just buying it brand new. :shrugs:

    Thanks!! :idea:
  2. I never heard of LV changing the lining for you... but few years ago I brought in a key holder for fix, because the lining was falling apart, they fixed it for free, but need to wait for 3 months (they need to send it back to France). But I am not sure if you can request to change the lining for the whole purse...even if they charge you for it, it will be super $$$.:shame:
  3. I was just in an LV store and I asked my SA about a bag in which there was a mothball smell (the one icky thing in an otherwise perfect bag that I bought on eBay). She took me to the repair specialist who told me that they could replace the lining, if I wished. I didn't ask how much that would cost because I decided to just air the bag out, but they can and will do it.
  4. There is no lining in the petit noe. Its the same inside as the speedy. I'm sire you'd be able to make your own, and with pockets :smile: sorta purseket like.
  5. Thanks! Good to know