cost per wear

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  1. after reading on here a while ago about some people keeping a spread sheet to keep track of the cost per wear i started to do the same and it also helps me to see which bags im not using often. (thanks klp for the tip) and it made me think how much do you think is a reasonable cost per wear?
  2. I don't have enough Mulberry's to even need a spread sheet. Actually, I need more bags ;)

    A reasonable cost/wear, I'd say, depends on how many bags you've got in total, and which occations these bags are meant for.

    Perhaps you get a gut feeling when seeing the spread sheet, of which bags are keepers, and which are not?
  3. This is something I've never thought about but now I have it's kind of worrying - especially as I have one Mulberry still in it's dustbag since it was bought new last December ! I don't think I'm quite ready to start thinking about cost per wear on that bag :nuts:
  4. Oh gosh Coco! Can you divulge which bag it is??

    If I feel I'm not getting "good value" out of a bag, I always tend to move it on. Unfortunately, I often regret it though.
  5. I think I try to buy bags I will keep forever, iykwim. I am less interested in 'this season's colour' and if I love a bag i will want to keep it, iykwim. Sometimes it does not work out like that though and I have moved some bags on in favour of buying others. I admit that I don't really use my bags anywhere near as much as I could though. Being a SAHM at the mo means a lot of the time I just put my bits and under the buggy or in the baby changing bag. So I kind of accept that I will sometimes buy bags for how they look and my thrilled reaction to them rather than on a brutal assessment of how often i will wear them and cost per wear, iykwim. As such I think I have found the comfortable collection size for me at the mo. I can't justify buying many more bags when I don't even use the ones I have all that often. But the ones I have I adore and could not let go! So for now I am keeping it as it is. If next season's collection has any stand out stunners for me (or if i see something gorgeous in an outlet) i will think about whether or not to re-jig, or whether to just add another bag even though that will make the collection bigger, lol. I hope that makes some sense as it was a bit of a ramble.... xx
  6. I'm with you, Thea!

    Let's check back in next year and see how big of a spreadsheet we'll need at that point. ;]
  7. I am one who keeps a note of cost per wear with the aim of achieving under £10 per wear. I only have 2 bags that are below the magical £10 per wear so far but I have shuffled my collection a great deal this year. I use most if my bags regularly with the exception of 2 - my bays clutch and my belle which are evening bags and which I have promised to my daughters (and which I hope to use more when they are older). I do find that by keeping account of what I use and what I don't I have been able to decide which bags are keepers as I, personally, cannot justify bags that I don't use (again except the two I mentioned earlier). I even keep track of the bags that my mum has seen as I introduce them very gradually as she disapproves of my obsession LOL.

  8. Yes it's a Jemma which I bought on my first ever visit to a Mulberry outlet on my first (and only - so far) TPF meet and it was my first 'new' Mulberry in my small collection. I know it's silly but I have this 'thing' about new bags - I'm much happier with pre-loved ones - I guess I don't need to worry so much about them !

    Re cost per wear I think Bluecat's £10 per wear sounds good to me - but I've got an awful lot of 'using' to get down to that. :biggrin:
  9. I love cost per wear. It helps me use costlier things often enough to get a good amount of use out of them.

    For me, AU$10 per use is a good target. For some of my Mulberries, it's possible to do even better - the Mabel, for instance, is so loved and extensively used that I'm down to about AU$8 per use.

    I keep a list of bags, where they were bought and for what price and if so was it on sale etc. along with a running tally of uses. A bit OCD? Maybe, but it's fun for me.
  10. blue thats what i aim for under £10 per wear my alexa is under £8 now so thats good but only my oak mitzy and silver ant are near to £10. i was quite surprised to work it out and glad i now do it makes me reach for other bags and give them a outing. i have never shown my mum my collection she would never understand or justify that amount spent on bags.:blush:
  11. It is actually hard to calculate a cost-per-wear, because really you would need to take a second-hand value into account, which changes depending on how used the bag is and how collectible the style. I think any attempts to "justify" spending on a very expensive bag in terms of cost-per-wear would be deemed to fail, because the whole point of buying a designer item is at the end of the day a message "I have money" "I am influental" "i have a cool boyfriend" "I am above you (or as high as you) in a society ladder" "I am holier than thou" - if to be brutally honest. One won't buy a designer bag in a country where nobody knows that it is a designer bag. I do not think we have to worry about cost per wear - it is insane cost anyway. The very first wear gives the right message "I have THIS bag" - end of story, so as long as you wear the bag once, you achieved the primary goal. £10 per wear, £100 per wear... not much difference... £10 is a taxi ride, it is a lot per wear. A reasonable cost per wear would be £2? Not achievable. Shall we forget about that and enjoy the bags, and the others (non-designer wearers) will think that we are so lucky, rich and happy - is not it the true dark goal of wearing designer clothes.
  12. ^^ I don't buy Mulberry bags, or any other brand for that matter, to "show off", I buy them because I like them - whether it costs £50 or £500, if I like it, I buy it. I don't care what the brand is, nor do I care what anyone else thinks of it!

    I don't do cost per wear, I just use my bags as & when I feel like it and enjoy them for what they are :biggrin:
  13. If I worked out the cost per wear on any of my bags I would be horrified!
    As a SAHM I don't actually have many opportunities during the week to use a number of my bags, so therefore I am not using them as much as I could, although I would use them more if I had the chance!
  14. That's probably the best approach, free from worries. Agree!
  15. I like you, Korzinka, you name it like you see it!!! It isn't pretty, but denying our primal instincts isn't useful either!

    It is all a mind game, it messes with my head too. We like it because it is 'exclusive', therefore owning one will allow us into this group. Others will recognise us as a member, we'll attract people alike, consequently distancing ourselves of the rest. It isn't on the top of our heads, but laying right underneath the skin...

    This is so interesting!!!