Cost on wallets?

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  1. I know that we had a thread on this...but can't find it. UGH! can you ladies help me with costs on the Bearn wallets (just leather - not exotics & no diamonds!:nuts:)

    Just trying to get a comparison from eBay prices (from legit sellers) to retail.
  2. my chevre bi-fold bearn was $1550 before tax, bought in may
  3. Chevre (goat skin) tri-fold for $1950 before tax. I saw it in May/June. I just saw about a week ago: bi-fold box and chevre with gusset for $1750 before tax each.
  4. I forget exactly but bifold chevre bearn in Turquoise...about 1775 + tax
  5. Not a bearn, but I recently purchased a zip one called the "azap" and it went for $1900 -- ouch!
  6. The Rouge Garance Bearn in Epsom Bi-fold with regular-sized gusset was about $1550 pre-tax.
  7. thanks Ladies!!!
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