Cost of the Purse and Shopper

  1. Hi Ladies,
    Does anyone know the retail price (in Euros) for the Purse and Shopper? My local retailer doesn't carry these styles so can't ask her.
  2. I cant help you with euros..but check out www.cultstatus,com,au for Aus prices on shopper and purse styles.

    then you can convert using a currency converter and have a ball park figure for comparison

  3. The price of the purse is in the pdf of Louisa and I think the shooper was about the same (750€).
  4. I confirm Tanja's post! (those are also the prices of the Paris BAlenciaga boutique). I have paid 760 € for a purse, if I remember correctly.
  5. Thanks ladies. I thought that the prices were similar! BTW - HOW FABULOUS IS THIS WEATHER???!!! WOOHOO!