Cost of Replacing Sac Plat Lining

  1. Hi all~

    I have an older sac plat and its lining is made of filmy plastic (opposed to the newer versions with fabric lining). The problem is, the filmy plastic lining has "melted" due to extremely warm weather and the bag is in no condition to be carried (unless I want the sticky goop all over whatever I put in the bag :tdown:).

    I'm in NYC so I took it to the Fifth Ave. LV about two years ago and asked about possible repairs. The representative took the bag and went inside a room that I believe is some form of a "workshop" and told me that I'd have to have the lining replaced and have it sent to "San Dimas". This was the bag that I was carrying that day (huge regrets :crybaby:) so I told her that I would be back.

    This wasn't my first priority and it has already been two years since that inquiry. Now, the cost of replacing the lining was about $300+tax about two years ago when I initially inquired about the repair. Does anyone know how much the replacement would cost now? I'm not sure whether the prices have increased (as with all the bags) or not but I thought that I should seek the advice of you experts first.

    I appreciate all feedback! Thanks and have a great day! :lol:
  2. I had the same problem with my mom's vintage petite bucket, we just brought it in on 12/27, they are charging us $75. San Dimas is in CA, apparently that is one of the main LV repair headquarters in the US. HTH!
  3. ^San Dimas is also where they make all the "Made in USA" bags :yes:
  4. Hmmm....why is it so much more expensive to have the lining on my sac plat replaced? In all seriousness, I could spend a little more and buy a new bag!

    Do you think that this may be because you're "closer" to the San Dimas headquarters?

    Thanks for your input!!
  5. BUMP....wouls also like to know this. THANKS!!!!