Cost of Replacement LV keys - AU$140 each...

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  1. Hello,
    I am absolutely shocked today.

    I needed to get a set of replacment keys for my Bisten suitcase. I took my suitcase into the LV store - they wanted the lock number and inside number.... to avoid errors I took the suitcase in.

    BESIDES - Can you think of a better excuse to bring in a stunning LV Monogram suitcase to work?

    Anyhow..... they told me the cost is AU$140- per key,.... that is AU$280- for a set of keys.

    Sorry for sounding stingy..... BUT THAT IS DAM EXPENSIVE!

    What is happening to LV? Firstly they say - there is no more FREE brass polishing service for hardcase owners.... now they charge a huge fee for a pair of crumby keys!

    Thinking of getting 1 key cut.... and getting a key guy to cut another.....
  2. that sounds like a good idea. i think thats riduculous to charge $140 per key!
  3. You are so not stingy by thinking that's a rip-off. That's crazy expensive!!
    I'd get one and then copy it.
  4. it's a shame!
  5. ITA. AU$140 for a replacement key is too much! :nogood:
  6. I am thinking of writing to LV and complaining.....
  7. Thats rediculous!!
  8. ^^ I agree, it's way to expensive to charge $140 per key IMHO.
  9. They have made so much money over the years and continuing to do so, but they keep cutting back on service sigh
  10. but that's like $12 USD, so it's not so ridiculous.
  11. hello? what converter are you using???

    140 AUD = 109.112 USD according to today's (July 14th 2009) exchange rate.