Cost of Python Heloise? anyone?

  1. Does anyone know how much the Python heloise cost??

  2. no one?
  3. Bumping 'cause I want to know too. Has anyone seen this IRL?
  4. I didn't know there was one...
  5. ^ali - it is on the title page of Unbelievably cool in silver metallic.
  6. Honestly I did and the bag was probably in a NM catalog (I'm thinking). I do know my reaction was like a swift kick in the stomach. Guarentee you it was thousands $$$$ of dolas? Maybe 5?
  7. :nuts:
  8. I've been holding out on the Heloise so far...but the python will so TDF I know I'm going to cave at some point! :drool::drool:
  9. about $5000, if I rememberer right, $4500 ish plus tax
  10. I have never considered a python bag in the past. I don't like snakes, personally because, if I'm honest, they've always kind of been a bit creepy to me (I feel that way about all reptiles though). Think girly girl squeamish can't even go there kind of thing. But, then something happened. I saw the Heloise, my favorite Chloe design to date, in python. WOW! I was ready to make an exception. But, then, something else happened...

    I guess it was when Rinstar said that we wouldn't want puppy or kitty purses it sort of stirred something inside of me. (Sorry Rin if I am quoting you incorrectly, but I think that was the "gist" of it). I'm not starting something, or trying to stir a pot. I'm only posting this because of MY earlier post in this thread. I won't be getting one for myself. I saw a picture of Rin's pink snake and it's her pet and she loves it. I know that I like leather and that this is a very touchy subject. I'm not trying to draw Rinstar into this, so please don't make this into anything. I'm just stating my reasons for changing my mind. I love all of my Chloe girls here! I just wanted Rin to know when she saw my post here that seeing her sweet little pink snake, it really changed at least one purse lover, ME.

    Just felt better getting that of my chest. whew!