cost of putting vibram soles on?

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  1. Hi ladies I've been searching the cobbler research thread and havent found what I was looking for; which is how much did it cost on average to have vibram soles put on your cl's?
    My friend and I are thinking of getting them done and we were referred by the scp boutique to a store. She called and was told the cost would be 35 dollars per shoe including the vibram part. Is that reasonable?
    Thanks for your input and help!
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    i have a cobbler in long island who does it for $10-12

    but then again, this is not NYC.

    p.s. i buy my own red vibrams separately ( ebay), for about $10, and then bring this to my cobbler

    so i guess total is about $20-22
  3. I'm in Philly and my cobbler charges $39 per pair for any kind of vibram (they also stock red, beige and black so I don't have to go through the trouble of buying my own to bring to them).

    Don't know about the rest of the country, but $35 per shoe sounds a little pricey to me.
  4. azhangie- They must have reffered you to Factorum. De Luxe is slightly cheaper but only by 3 dollars. De Luxe has the red already (it's a better match than the vibram) i'm not sure on factorum, though, i've never been there. I've used De Luxe and they do an AMAZING job.
  5. It was some store in brea. I didnt call my friend did so not sure what the name is. The guy told my friend they specialized in manolos and cl's.
    Where is de luxe located??
    Is it cheaper to just buy the sole stuff on ebay and have them do it?? I was planning on doing like 3-4 pairs...@35...thats 105-140 dollars.

  6. I have been scouring my area for a good cobbler.. I am right in this area too.. Where do you go Nico?
  7. ^ I sent you a PM moshi!
  8. Oh, so it's $35 per pair (your original post made me think it was per shoe i.e. $70 a pair)! I think that's reasonable then.
  9. De luxe is in Newport beach Fashion Island. Honestly, they'll probably cost the same w/your own vibrams or not (plus theirs is a better color match). It's a great investment, I promise. I'm a nit picker when it comes to paying for things (i.e. i have no problem paying $600 for shoes but I HATE paying for a manicure) so I know what you mean. I've decided to do a pair a month untill they're all soled.
  10. The same awesome cobbler charged me $20 to put on the vibrams and new heel tips (I provided the vibrams)!! Thanks, Carla:heart:
  11. Yes I totally know what you mean...I'll drive 5 mins out of my way to costco to save 10 cents per gallon of gas (total savings of about $1.50? not even sometimes) but wont blink an eye dropping 500+ on a pair of shoes.

    Ok I'll call de luxe. Brea is closer but going to fashion island just gives me another excuse to shop.
  12. Ooops..i hope no one misunderstood my post. Ok if it was 70 per pair I think I'll deal with it and just wear it until the soles are all messed up and I have to get it resoled.
  13. They're going to have to shave the shoe down to put the sole on, so you may as well just wear them anyways :smile: That's why I don't mind doing one eacho month.
  14. :smile:
  15. Ooohh..really?? there's really no pt in putting soles on new shoes then? As the red is going to be shaved off anyways