cost of postage Canada to UK

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  1. I've received a quote for posting a silk scarf 90cm sqaure from Camda to UK for 25USD. It doesnt have a box (vintage) so imagine it would be quite light. is that a reasonable cost?
  2. :lol:

    that sounds completely ridiculous! but check on to make sure...
  3. I bet you could fold it up and tuck it into letter mail.
  4. just as I thoght, lol! Thanks ladies!
  5. looks like someone is trying to pad their bank account:sad: :shocked: :mad:
  6. I shoud have metioned that I have the option of 25USD insured and tracked or 15USD for normal. The only reason I wsa was suprised id that someone returned a pair Gucci shoes (boxed) and it cost them about $10-20 isured and tracked.
  7. It's sounds like someone is trying to pad their wallet a little more with this sale. It definitely should be cheaper than that. They could put it in one of those padded envelopes & insure it & it should be pretty cheap!
  8. It cost me 30 bucks to send a small tango messenger...
    oh and thts for basic shipping no insurance. I was going to cost 45 with tracking :cursing:
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