Cost of Miu Miu in Asia?

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  1. I'm planning on making a trip to Taiwan in a few weeks and I'm wondering if the price of Miu Miu bags will be more expensive there (in countries like Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, etc) than here in the States, or if it will be the same.

    For example, a Matelasse Coffer costs about $1520 USD and a Vitello Lux Bow costs about $1295.

    So is it possible for anyone to give me the prices of bags like these in Taiwan or Japanese or Chinese or Korean currency? THANKS!!
  2. think miu miu are generally cheaper in Asia than in US.... and there is no sale tax - so it is a plus....
  3. I have a question though, Europe is cheaper than Asia, right?
  4. I think so - with the VAT refunded
  5. when i bought my bow satchel in Taiwan last Nov, it cost NT$38,500 before tax refund. if i remember correctly, the tax in Taiwan is 3%. back then, i know the bow satchel cost 615pounds in London, US$1095 in US and S$1,990 in Singapore. was doing my research on where to get the cheapest bow. it was in London, but London didn't have my Nero bow, and Taiwan did. so.. :P
  6. I don't have exact prices but generally with no tax in HKG, the prices are a little better than SIN(still S$1990 for bow if they have not gone through an increase last Fri like the Coffer did), maybe a savings of S$200 or so? In TWN some PFers said that they are even cheaper so maybe that's the best place to go in Asia.
  7. Does anyone know what the price difference is between HK and Macau? Thanks.
  8. I don't know the price in Macau,but the price of a coffer in Hong Kong is HK$11,000.
  9. how about seoul? im heading to korea in a few weeks and was thinking i should check out miu miu there esp if it's cheaper!
  10. What about for people who lives in the EU? Are the bags still cheaper then?
  11. If you can claim tax refund, UK is cheaper than Hong Kong.

    Example for a regular coffer:
    in Hong Kong HK$ 11000 = US$ 1419
    in UK GBP 920 = US$ 1500 less tax (i think can claim 12%) = US$ 1320

    Those who knows the price of a regular coffer in USA & Europe can chime in to do the comparison.
  12. I bought my MM bows from Milan this month it cost Euro890, VAT refund about 12%...hope this help !!