? cost of LE pomme cles

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  1. Can someone tell me the cost of the new LE pomme cles?

    I love how it looks!!!
  2. 275
  3. Ty
  4. are you sure about that? i just called 866-vuitton and they said it was $375. it's about that price in hong kong as well. can someone let me know asap? this is so weird... thanks!!
  5. im positive its 275, thats how much i paid for mine. 375 is the hearts
  6. where did you get it? i just called again and they said 375 again and they're not released yet, supposedly. i'm very confused...
  7. in vancouver, the official release date of them is feb 1st in the states, but places like canada, the release date was jan 11. for those who have gotten it is is 275. the hearts are 375.
  8. so they are no longer available for 275 anymore?? :crybaby:
  9. Cles are $275 and are available in the US now.
  10. can someone tell me which store to call to order one for 275? any leads would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!
  11. i just saw a le pomme cles at my local store today

    Saks in new orleans

  12. I just bought my Pomme Cles yesterday for $275 while in Vegas. I saw them at all 5 Lv's I went to.
  13. Louis Vuitton boutique in Bloomingdales San Francisco, 4158565432. ask for terny or gia (pronounced ji-ah) and ask them for the cles that jenny purchases in violette. they had violette and pomme as of yesterday, jan.20th
  14. Call 866-VUITTON and they will locate one for you. I did this yesterday. The person on the phone was initially a little confused and thought I was asking for the heart and was telling me they weren't available yet, but I explained I wanted the new vernis key holder, called the "pochette cles," and they connected me to a store that had one to order it.

    The price is $275, but going up to $285. The store they connected me to charged me the new, higher price. I was a little confused and didn't say anything, but then saw here that it should still be $275. I'm trying to decide if it's worth going through the hassle of calling them back to argue about it.
  15. At my store it's NOW $280 - I guess I was too late and missed buying it before the price increase :sad: