Cost of J12

  1. Does anyone know the cost of the J12 (plain - without any diamonds)?

    Also, does anyone know if it is it possible to buy the watches at a discounted price when the department stores have sales (i.e. Sak's)?

  2. I believe it's $3650 for the 33mm and $3950 for the 38mm...I think.
  3. no discount (ever) at Saks. but other TPF members said that they got 10% off at NM?

    i used my EGCs ($750!!!) on mine so that's one way to save i guess?

    it's a beautiful watch!
  4. I can't believe you saved $750 - that's AMAZING!
  5. I want one:crybaby:
  6. i know my SA is amazing. she was so cute about getting me the 2 GCs and then she got me another one for the watch. heh. :p
  7. anyone know the price for j12 38 w/ diamond marker???
  8. ^ it's 4950
  9. Hehe, I also got 2 GCs for $600. Got a free wallet cos of that. Really love EGC :heart:
  10. thanx!!!
    i've been wanting j12 and cartier roadster...i really don't know which one to get first!!! both so different. already have rolex...
  11. ^^I'd say get the J12 first, u know theres another price increase coming up, right???
  12. you can get a discount at Saks...I bought mine a couple months ago with 10% off and no tax, had it shipped to me :smile:
  13. really? they told me in NY absolutely no discounts! :crybaby:

    o well, i applied my EGC towards it so that's not too bad. :p
  14. Does anyone knows about the price for 33mm with diamonds?

    My SA told me to get them now since the prices are going to be increased on Sep 1st. :tdown: I also asked about 10% off discount but she said Chanel has a very strict policy toward discount which means no discount ever.
  15. oh...btw, I am asking this because the price here in Hawaii is $4250, and I am not sure about the price in the mainland. TIA