Cost of having leather parts on LV Mono replaced

  1. Has anyone ever had the vachetta leather parts on a LV Monogram bag replaced? Which bag was it and how much did it cost? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  2. I inquired about this last weekend while at LV and for my cabos piano it was somewhere around $130 for the bottom which I thought was very resonable but then to have the handles done it was another $175 and at that point I thought maybe I'd just get a new one but they told me they thought my bag looked like it was in wonderful condition and they didn't recommend replacing it. They have a list and you can just call them on the phone.
  3. Wow, $175 isn't bad at all! I can stop worrying so much about keeping moisture off my Batignolles Vertical. Thanks so much for the info! :smile:
  4. I wonder if they'd replace the leather on my MC cles.. must call to ask ! :lol: