Cost of getting lining replaced?

  1. Does anyone know how much roughly it would cost to get the lining of a Damier Canvas Marais replaced at LV?
    I inquired but they said they couldn't give me a quote without seeing it.
    Has anyone had lining replaced (of a similar sized bag) if so how much did it cost?

    I'm thinking of buying it and the seller said they can get the lining re-placed at the store they bought it from but they are unsure of how much it will cost, and I need to know how much that will cost first to know if it's worth

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. From my wallet experience, it cost almost half the retail price to replace the peeling inner leather lining which is not worth it, so I didnt have mine replaced.
  3. Thanks koshiru, yeah that doesn't sound worth it, you might as well buy a new wallet.

    The lining isn't leather though, I just want the material lining replaced.
    Has anyone had this done????