Cost of cleaning

  1. Does anyone know how much it would cost to have a chanel boutique clean your bag after the 1 year warranty? I know for sure that if you have your reciept and bring it within a year that it is free of charge but not sure after that.
  2. Not sure about cleaning only but I brought a bag in that just had minor corner wear that I wanted fixed --they cleaned and fixed the corners good as new for about $100.
  3. At the Saks where I live they send it off to Chanel for $200 , good as new !
  4. If I need anything done, my SA has it done for free since we're pretty close. But for your bag, I really don't think it should cost all that much, especially if it's just minor surface dirt.
  5. Thanks for the info girls;)
  6. Just got one back from Chanel. It's was $125.00.
  7. I heard Chanel does that. I was wondering how much it was and how they clean it, etc. Any experiences?
  8. My light beige lambskin bag got a small stain spot. I sent to Chanel for cleaning. They dyed the whole bag. I no longer feel the softness of lambskin. Lesson for me. Unless problem is very serious, don't get professional clean. Chanel charged me 125 for cleaning that little spot.

  9. I was in the store when this lady dropped her white cambon bag off and it was damn near black. I really wanted to know how well they cleaned that bag.

    So Chanelinlove, just wondering did you bring this to their attention?
  10. Yes, I did talk about the feel of leather after cleaning but I was told to expect leather not to be the same after it is dyed. I guess they cannot clean that spot so they go ahead and dye it. Maybe if you make request cleaning only then you're ok.


  11. Oh thats good to know! maybe thats why my SAs always tell me once its dirtied its dirtied. They rather my bag be dirty than have it cleaned! I couldnt understand why at first...maybe now i know.
    Btw can I ask you how long did the cleaning process take? Did they ship it back to France?
  12. OMG. That's what must've happened to MY bag!!!

    I was losing my mind wondering why the bag DOES NOT feel like it's lambskin (but the leather tab with the hologram sticker feels sooo soft) and was starting to wonder if it's fake.

    Darn, that sucks to know though. I love the feel of lambskin and the store didnt even tell me!!!
  13. I use Cadillac Leather Cleaner on all my fine bags. I was told to use it years ago by the Chanel SA at I. Magnin. Anyone here old enough to remember them?:lol: You can find it at the shoemaker. Meltonian is pretty much the same product and works well also.:flowers:
  14. It took almost 3 months. No, not France. They shipped it to Chanel somewhere on the East Coast.

  15. They told me to use meltonian too. I never heard of it, but I guess I have to track it down now.