Cost of chanel flap bag?

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  1. Does anybody know how much a medium sized caviar letter quilted Chanel bag retails for? I am looking for the classic black bag with silver hardware (not the reissue). I am not sure if I am describing it properly, so here is a photo from Bluefly of the shape I am looking for.

    bluefly chanel.jpg
  2. I have a medium classic flap in lambskin. I believe it was $1,750 or $1,795.
  3. I saw it at Saks for $1475...I love it soooo much!
  4. I'm thinking of buying a large caviar flap bag as my next large purchase, if anyone has the pricing for that as well, I'd be super grateful !
  5. I believe it is $1595.

    The medium and the large are different by roughly one inch in size and the color of the hardware (at least that's true for pink)...medium is gold and large is silver.
  6. I was quoted $1895 for the large caviar, the medium is probably a hundred or so less.
  7. are these prices being quoted in canadian funds?
  8. this thread is 2 years old. . . not much help now.
    Please do a search for current threads, prices have gone up several times since then.
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