Cost of BV in different countries

  1. Is BV more expensive in your country?

    I bought a medium veneta in Printemp Paris and compared it to BV HK.

    Style: Medium Veneta
    Paris: 980 Euros ( before tax refund of 12% for foreigners)
    HK: HKD11,780 (No tax)

    Definitely cheaper in Paris :tup:
  2. 980 Euros in france, for medium veneta, pretty much the same in my country (Indonesia), that is so great to hear. LV could charge more then 200 euros in my country, and hermes (for birkin) is the worse. I can go to france, spend 3 three days in france and wait for birkin and it is still cheaper then order it in my country.
  3. 980 Euros is before tax refund, the nett price is 862.40 Euros... the savings goes directly into another item :graucho:
  4. The medium veneta is $1490 + tax in the US. It's really a lot cheaper in paris.
  5. That's even cheaper than in Germany. Here the medium Veneta cost 1100€.
  6. That´s true! It`s currently 1180 Euro and it`s so weird that it was cheaper in Paris since BV is one of the luxury brands with identical pricing for the whole Euro zone!

    Maybe Printemps as a department store can mark down some items which the boutiques would not?
  7. I dont think its marked down. However, did BV increased its pricing since end Apr 07? Cos I bought the medium veneta then.

    Rather surprised that BV cost more in Italy than Paris, 200 Euros is alot!!
  8. The medium Veneta is S$2700 after the price increase, which works out to be about 1286 euro.

    Singapore is right up there with the more expensive countries to purchase from! :s
  9. Thats alot of difference! I can save SGD390 if I buy from BV HK... and I thought BV in HK is expensive!

    In order from the most reasonable pricing:


    I always thought BV has the same pricing in Europe?!!
  10. How big is the BV store in Paris? Is it a flagship store w/ Ready-To-Wear or only accesories?
  11. The flagship BV store is at Ave Montaigne, there's ready-to-wear, handbags and accessories. Printemp has a BV counter, the pricing should be the same.
  12. Thanks, crabtreemeeko.
  13. They have the store that crabtreemeeko mentioned, the one on Avenue Montaigne. It`s gorgeous and the neighborhood is so divine, most of the locals tend to shop there and the Maison Dior, where it all started is there, plus the Mainsons Givenchy and Balenciaga right around the corner.

    But there is a medium-sized boutique in the more touristic neighborhood of St-Honoré as well (almost next to the Hermès flagship). They carry a little bit of RTW and shoes, but the first one is definitely an experience!
  14. See, that is so weird. I know for a fact that here in the Euro zone, all prices are identical, no matter how much state tax etc. Therefore it wouldn`t make any difference if you bought BV in Italy, France or wherever. My tote had the exact same price in Germany and in France. So I don`t have any clue why your Veneta was such a bargain! But still, congratulations!!!
  15. Bangkok is even more expensive. I got my med Veneta for THB57,000 = ~US$1,754 or Euro 1,300 (before 5% tax refund). And this was before the recent price increase!

    Japan is not cheap also but due to the recent drop in the Yen currency against US$/S$, the price was cheaper than Singapore, esp after the 5% tax refund.

    In Asia, I think HK is the cheapest plus there is no tax as well. Before the recent price increase, I got my Cocker there for the equivalent of S$2,750 (~US$1,845) whilst it was S$3,190 (US$2,125) in S'pore. Savings of nearly 15% or S$440 (~US$290). Singapore prices are inclusive of 5% tax, which would be increased to 7% come July 1st, 2007. Yikes! :wtf:

    So the list goes (also depends on exchange rates):
    HK (no tax)
    Singapore (7% tax)
    Bangkok (5% tax)
    Japan (5% tax)