Cost of Bal Bags in Different Countries

  1. I was wondering if the cost of BBags on atelier.naff's blog is current. I'll be travelling from this month until the end of year (due to work) and will be in five different countries where there are Balenciaga stores. I'm torn whether to buy the Bbag I want from Balenciaga Singapore or wait until I visit the other countries and get it from there (and avail of the vat/gst tax refund). I'm curious to know the cost of Bbags in other countries. In Singpore, Bbags costs as follows:

    City S$2299 (U$1410)
    Work S$2469 (U$1514)
    Purse S$1869 (U$1146)
    Twiggy S$2109 (U$1293)

    The above prices are tax INclusive and tourists can claim 3-4% GST refund (after commission)

    I know I'm running into having few colors to choose from but I'm willing to take my chances for a good price.
  2. myGERL, Singapore is among the more expensive places to get a Balenciaga bag, apart from Japan. If you have PPS card, you can get 10% off, which then makes it less expensive. You can check out the current Euporean prices on the LVR website, which includes taxes; you can get some portion of those taxes refunded from those prices.
  3. In France, prices are the same as LVR (maybe there is European Price ???) :
    So including taxes :
    1045€ for a Work
    945€ for a City
    865€ for a First
    675€ for The Day
  4. Thank you Roxanne & fromparis for the insights.

    Roxanne, I'm planning to use PPS card.

    Btw, anyone who likes the toile bags? Bal Singapore is offering those at 30% off.
  5. Here in Hong Kong, the price is a bit cheaper than the United States. Because of a VIP card with some local department store, my mom got 10% off of the regular price (of the Twiggy is 8500 I think aka. 1092 USD). So in total the price was 7650 HKD (983 USD). Not too bad.
  6. myGERL, which bag is it that caught ya eye from Balenciaga Singapore? I've been there twice in 4 days :shame:

    But it IS def more ex to purchase in Singapore :crybaby:
  7. he he he, Nymph. I've been there twice last week also - during the weeknd and during national day. I want (and maybe NEED :girlsigh: ) ALL of their bags but I have to buy my lotto ticket first.:wlae:
  8. the prices in France are great!
  9. I went on Friday after work, and then again on Monday morning, and just in that weekend, they sold their Sapin City!

    How much do the bags cost in France? How much will I save? Might just ask the bf's cuz to buy it for me then... :rolleyes:
  10. whoa! i guess they raised the prices since i left paris?
    before it was 900€ for a city and about 810€ for a first at the boutique on avenue george V
  11. Yes :yes: , the prices raised with the F06 collection:crybaby: ...
  12. just to Balenciaga Singapore today...apart from the fact that I saw a bug/fly on one of the bags :yucky: , I was blown away by the truffle day!! omg the leather was gorgeous and so thick and not veiny at all!! :girlsigh: yummy!

    But i think I'm going to get the makeup clutch instead! In either rouge or truffle! :yahoo: it's perfect for me! This one didn't seem so overpriced compared to the bags. It's S$799.
  13. Prices in Canada are a bit high given the weak US dollar. It's cheaper to buy in the US. These are Cdn dollar prices:

    - First - $1445-$1475
    - City - $1585

    I didn't pay that much attention to the others, but the Work was around $200 more than the City.
  14. hey havent been to the balenciaga singapore for quite awhile, what colour do they have for cities? rouge?
  15. They must have come down a bit when the US exchange got better. Last fall they were $1650 for a City.